How To Hard Reset 10.or D Android Mobile


How to factory reset 10.or D? How to wipe all data in 10.or D easily? Guide to bypass screen lock in 10.or D? Full guide How to restore defaults 10.or D mobile phone? You can check out Hard Reset ACER A211 Iconia Tab guideline here.


Important Notice: [If You] Hard Reset your phone, Important data like Media files, Contacts numbers, All Apps & Settings will be deleted. So before to begin with Factory Reset, Backup all of your Important data to a safer place.


Hard Reset 10.or D Mobile Phone:

Here is the full guideline to hard reset 10.or D mobile phone. You can easily unlock your 10.or D using this method. There are 2 ways to hard reset your 10.or D smartphone. Both two methods are work seamlessly without creating any problem.


Method 1:

No need any password for reset with this method.

  1. Turn Off your 10.or D Mobile.
  2. Press and Hold Volume Up and Power Button.
  3. When you see the 10.or Logo appear, release all the Buttons.
  4. After that, Choose wipe data/factory reset option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with Power button.

Hard Reset 10.or D

   5. Select YES option, By using to navigate Volume Buttons and to confirm Power Button.

How To Hard Reset 10.or D

   6. Choose reboot system now option.

Hard Reset My Phone 10.or D

   7. Hard reset Done on your mobile.


Method 2: Factory Reset 10.or D

need a password to reset this method.

  1. First, Turn On your 10.or D Mobile.
  2. After that, Go to the Settings menu.
  3. Next, Select System option.

Hard Reset 10.or D Android Mobile

   4. In this step choose Reset options.

 Factory Reset 10.or D

   5. Afterward, Select option Erase all data [Factory data reset].

Best Method To Hard Reset 10.or D

   6. Finally, Choose Reset Phone option.

10.or D

   7. Factory Reset Done on your mobile.


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