How To Hard reset iVooMi I2 Android Mobile


How to factory reset iVooMi I2? How to wipe all data in iVooMi I2 easily? Guide to bypass screen lock in iVooMi I2? Full guide How to restore defaults iVooMi I2 mobile phone? You can check out Hard Reset Micromax Dual guideline here.

Important Notice: [If You] Hard Reset your mobile, Important data like Media files, Contacts numbers, All Apps & Settings will be deleted. So before to begin with Factory Reset, Backup all of your Important data to a safer place.

Hard Reset iVooMi I2 Mobile Phone:

Here is the full guideline to hard reset iVooMi I2 mobile phone. You can easily unlock your iVooMi I2 using this method. There are 2 ways to hard reset your iVooMi I2 smartphone. Both two methods are work seamlessly without creating any problem.

Method 1:

  1. Turn off your iVooMi I2 phone.
  2. Then Press and Hold Volume Up + Power button.
  3. Release buttons when you see the Recovery menu.

 How To Hard Reset iVooMi I2

4. Now Select Recovery option, By using to navigate Volume Buttons and to confirm Power Button.
5. Next, you will see Android exclamation mark appears.

  Hard Reset My Phone iVooMi I2

6. While holding down the Power button press and release Volume Up Button.

 Hard Reset iVooMi I2 Android Mobile

7. Then select option wipes data/factory reset, using Volume Buttons and Power button to confirm.

 Factory Reset iVooMi I2

8. Now choose the option yes with Volume Buttons to select and Power button to accept.
9. Finally, Select reboot system now the option.
10. Hard Reset done on your iVooMi I2 mobile.


Method 2: Factory Reset iVooMi I2

  1. Turn On your iVooMi I2 phone.
  2. Go to the Settings menu.
  3. Then Select Backup & reset option.

 Best Method To Hard Reset iVooMi I2

4. After that, choose Factory Reset.

 iVooMi I2 Android Mobile Hard Reset

5. Next, select option Reset Phone option.

Hard Reset iVooMi I2

6. If you have a screen lock, you will need to enter your PIN, pattern, or password.

iVooMi I2 reset

7. Finally, Select Erase everything Option.
8. Factory Reset done on your iVooMi I2 mobile.


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